OUTCAST, by Miranda N

Dirt thrown in my face
Every day I’m alive
Another sneer from you mocking souls
Who don’t want me to survive
I am not the letdown of this world
Can’t you see it’s you?
People who shun the Outcast
Allow the end of the world through
Another fist in the face
Another insult to my spirit
You don’t know this Outcast’s stronger
And knows you only fear it?
Every scar’s got a story
Every drop of blood is a tale
Not a victim but a survivor
Who isn’t going to fail
I know I can walk alone
I don’t have to depend on another hand
I don’t need to be seen by anyone
Silent and alone are the rules for me in this land
I don’t belong here
I don’t belong anywhere
So I’ll just make a space for me
Cause life’s never going to be fair
Time to deal with the next day
I can handle another one
I will fight under the name of Outcast
Until my heartbeat’s done
~Outcast, by Miranda N
“The purpose of this poem was to be an inspirational piece for many who share the name of outcast among their peers.  Our reality is that we cannot just walk away from bullying like we want, so we must develop an internal strength, because when the bullying does end (as it will), those who experienced bullying will be stronger than anyone who put them down.”

3 thoughts on “OUTCAST, by Miranda N”

  1. This is how many of us felt while being bullied, but we did as you are doing, and kept going, growing stronger. We make a place in the world that fits and nurtures us.

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