~The Piece That Doesn’t Fit, acrylic painting by Paul R
“This painting expresses the feeling of isolation I experienced when I tried unsuccessfully to fit in with my peers at school. I painted it when I was 14, but it depicts an even earlier time. As a middle school student, I would sit on the steps during recess and draw or write because it was made very clear that I wasn’t welcome on the playground. Looking out on all of my classmates playing so openly and freely, I didn’t understand why I was the piece of the puzzle that didn’t fit.”

3 thoughts on “THE PIECE THAT DOESN’T FIT, by Paul R”

  1. WOW! It reflects what I have chosen to suppress from my own teenage years. The depth of this piece stirs me. WOW, is all I know to say.

  2. Great piece Paul. I thing that strikes is that any child can look at this an understand what it mean. Not only is the piece beautiful in it's simplicity but also in what it is conveying.

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