Artwork by Soulstripper

~Everyone But You, by Soulstripper
“‘They hurt you at home and they hit you at school’… And everyone hurt needs someone to run to… even if that someone is in their own mind.”
~Freak, by Soulstripper
“Alone, outcast, discarded. Just some of the many results of being unable to fit in.”
 ~Terrible Things, by Soulstripper
“For all the terrible things done to us that we have kept a secret… It’s time to speak up.”
~How to Entertain Children, by Soulstripper
“Striking fear into a child is not entertaining. And those who struck you rarely know the fear they put into you.” 
~Daddy, by Soulstripper
“A rough piece on parental violence. Who said you can’t be bullied by your parents?”
~All the Hell You’ve Got to Spare, by Soulstripper
“This one is for the despair, fear, shame and rage. But even through hell, we are strong. Sticks and stones may break our bones… but they will never break our spirit. So hit us with your best shot. Give us all the hell you’ve got to spare.”  
View more artwork by Soulstripper on Deviantart here.

1 thought on “Artwork by Soulstripper”

  1. Powerful images by Soulstripper.Speechless right now…sitting at my keyboard for 5 minutes trying to put my words into focus. Tears gather in my eyes….

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