Artwork by Linda Regula

~The Target, by Linda Regula
“Bullies come in all shapes and sizes…and some of these are parents whose children have become convenient targets for their cruelty.”

 ~Alone, by Linda Regula
The world is a lonely place when you are being bullied at home, at school, and in your neighborhood. No place feels safe!”

 ~Into My Room His Shadow Creeps, Linda Regula
Bullies often hide in the one place that should be a child’s sanctuary…their home.”

 ~Off Balance, by Linda Regula
It appears there are ‘secret rules’ that only bullies seem to know, which marks someone else as “DIFFERENT.” Once invisibly marked, you can easily become a victim.  If you believe that invisible mark is on you, it won’t take long for vicious words and ridicule to warp your sense of self-worth….Don’t believe them!”

 ~Shadows Must Be Taught Not to Follow, by Linda Regula
Once you stop believing a bully’s cruel words, those words are no longer justification to hurt or silently belittle yourself. Victims, willing to transform words and actions of bullies into motivation to be kind to others, soon begin making decisions to enrich their own lives and strengthen their self-worth.”

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