BULLIED, by Rebecca B

Do I deserve to be cast aside,
Torn apart, sent away?
Do I deserve to be hit and kicked,
Spat at, called names, every day?
I carry the curse of being different,
Being the one that they call a geek,
I carry the curse of being strange,
Wearing glasses and being weak.
I respect my parents, I work hard,
I feel, I smile, I laugh I love,
I hang with friends just like the rest,
So why do I deserve to be shoved?
My bullies they say that I’m not normal,
Because I’m quiet, withdrawn and smart,
They say if I tell they will come for me,
They will hit me and kick me and tear me apart.
I’m scared for my safety, at night I cry,
I scream in my head, I throw up too,
The bullies, they haunt me, day and night,
How would you feel, if it was you?
~Bullied, by Rebecca B


“This poem was written as a protest against bullying, and although I was never bullied badly I was picked on for being the smart one and the outsider. In many ways I am still an outsider. People must never feel they deserve to be bullied, embrace your differences and your uniqueness. You are special.”



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