BULLIES, by Cindy S

Not always involving pushing, shoving, hitting,
Not always physical,
Bullying has another side,
A more insidious, damaging side;
Verbal bullies exemplify war lords,
Flashing brutal weapons,
Forcing destruction and devastation,
Even death,
By their cutting words,
Used to pierce the first layers of skin
Of their unprepared, innocent victims,
Ripping and tearing chunks of flesh
With their steel-bladed word swords,
Delighting in sadistic pleasure,
Hoping for impassioned pleas of mercy
Before plunging their sword straight into the heart,
Creating ultimate, enduring mental torture.

Once a bully strikes,
Makes the first slash,
He becomes addicted, obsessed,
Thriving on the ravaging and pain,
And the mounting power,
Of the stronger, darker forces
That spill over, bubbling infectiously,
Until the uncontrolled need rises again,
And he brazenly strikes out in front of others,
Under the veiled guise of humor,
That stirs an uncomfortable, uneasy chord,
Among others who do not quite understand;
The bully employs teasing as foreplay,
All the while pretending camaraderie,
Drawing out the torture,
Taunting his victim,
Before privately driving the blade inward.

Ignoring bullies does not work;
Band together; speak up.
Recognize yourself as a thinly-disguised, verbal bully?
Clean up your act and get therapy,
Or get thee gone,
Before others see you for what you truly are
And act upon it.

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