Loser, weirdo, FREAK.
Why me?
Ugly, smelly, FREAK.
Why me?
Minger, uncool, FREAK.
Why me?
Spotty, emo, FREAK.
Why me?


Ginger, repulsive, FREAK.
Why me?
Boring, hideous, FREAK.
Why me?
Unwanted, disgusting, FREAK.
Why me?
Inadequate, unpleasant, FREAK.
Why me?

Common, ordinary, boring?
Not me.
Average, undistinguished, conventional?
Not me.

Individual, different, unique.
Don’t you want to be
A freak like me?


1 thought on “FREAK LIKE ME, by Hanna S”

  1. Loved that poem . growing up I was made to feel like a freak I was chubby ,plus Italian growing up in an irish neighborhood you can guess what they called me plus I was smart but i was determined not to let their words hurt me I was one of the lucky ones I realized it was them that were the freaks not me

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