~Childhood, by Nikki W
“I’m not sure where to start with the description. I suppose… this is a really personal image. At many points I thought about scrapping it and doing a happy picture of a generic childhood, but I think it’s about time that the people who have an interest in my work learnt something real about me, as much as I dislike the idea. Btw, sorry for the crappiness, I was kinda emotional when making it x_x”
“As you may have guessed, I didn’t have a wonderful childhood. I know bullying is pretty common so it’s not a big deal but it sticks with you for the rest of your life. I was a pretty pudgy kid, I was very freckly, I was certainly not very kind on the eyes and I had no fashion sense because my family was very poor and we could only afford the charity shops.
“If someone was to ask me what I remember from my childhood I would say ‘I don’t remember’, but that’s a lie. I remember feeling sad and depressed and lonely. I remember the words they used to call me and I remember crying myself to sleep and wishing I’d never been born. I also remember making my mum cry and the support my parents tried to give me.
“There was one happy thing that I can remember. I was never particularly good at anything, but then someone complimented me for a drawing of a horse I had done. It’s only now that I realise, after doing this picture, that that compliment those many years ago was probably the starting point of my obsession for doing art. It was probably my light in dark times and it helped me express myself and gave me something to work towards.
“I don’t look for sympathy – if I hear a word of it I will be VERY angry! I am a happy person now, I have a group of wonderful friends that I know I will stay in touch with forever, I am far more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been and I can shrug off harsh words from anyone that feels they need to put me down to make themself feel better.”
“Art can help and Art can heal.”

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