THE BULLIED…, by Wendy O

Sit down, stand up,
Do as I say,
Or when you come in tomorrow,
It will be worse than today,
Empty your pockets,
Empty your purse,
Hand over the goodies,
Without saying a word,
Don’t tell,
Not one single soul,
Cause I’m watching you,
Where-ever you go,
Get in the class room,
Sit at the back,
Nobody can see you then,
You ugly twat,
A resounding laughter echoes around,
As a piece of paper falls on the ground,
Pick it up,
Make it quick
Its a picture of you,
You stupid bitch,
We all drew a dot,
To cover your face,
To show you you’re the spottiest kid in the place,
Don’t you cry, or make a noise,
The teacher’s coming,
But … oh we forget,
Little miss nobody is teacher’s pet,
If ever you say,
Or ever you tell,
I will search you out,
And you’ll rot in hell…………
But…. I am somebody,
I am honest and kind,
I must stand and be counted,
And tell of these crimes,
So turning on heel, a teacher to find,
Enough is enough of those bullying kind,
So who ever you are,
Wherever you be,
Please tell somebody,
And set yourself FREE.

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