~Choosing Light, by Linda R

“Bully’s words, like poisoned seeds, easily take root in a believing mind.
Nourished by fear, their rapid growth is both destructive and dark.
Becoming sharp-worded weapons to harm oneself…to hurt and humiliate others.
Wounding…drawing blood. Dagger-like thorns dripping venom.
Ugly words, like petals on a black rose, weep bloody tears.
Staining my soul…stealing my humanity…giving nothing but self-loathing and pain.
If I believe.
I choose not to believe!
I cast away these black petals of hate. Refuse to touch their bloody thorns.
These words I’ve planted in my mind. ‘I’m an original… among millions, I’m one of a kind.’
Believing this, I turn my face to the light…close my ears. And watch my new life being born.

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