Sticks and stones will break your bones
But words will never hurt you?
I don’t know who wrote these lines
The words are so untrue

Words burn deep within one’s heart
Cut deeper than a knife
Words will linger in your mind
All throughout your life

I was the one left standing
When choosing sides for teams
Was the one who stood by silently
Helped others fulfill their dreams

I was different from the rest
My appearance, not fair of face
The target of taunts and ridicule
The “in crowd” ensured, I knew my place

I wanted them to accept me
To see who I was inside
But those who were less than perfect
Were always cast aside

Those actions shaped, my self-image
Which I carried for so many years
“Their opinions” of my self-worth
Left me weak and full of fears

Looking back it took a lifetime
To understand what I wish I’d known
How to unravel all the harm that was done
That kept my heart feeling so alone

I learned that we are “all uniquely created
To be Different” from the rest
That the strength that grows from struggle
If allowed, will bring forth our best

God’s timing for every life to bloom
Is not the same for all
Those who once stood above me
No longer stand quite so tall

The crowd gave them their power
To think they had it all
But when they had to stand alone
There were none to brace their fall

Those of us, who learned to survive
Fought our demons, cried the tears
Learned to believe in who we are
To stand equal, with our peers

Rising from the ashes
Comes from wings that have learned to fly
From overcoming obstacles
Faced by both you and I

Dear one, fly higher, shine brighter
The power is within your heart
Now is the time to realize your worth

Now is the time to start

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