YO, BULLY! by Cindy S

Yo, Bully!
Who do ya think you are?
Whatcha think you’re doin’
Thowin’ your weight around
Bullyin’ my Homies?
You got issues.
You trashin’ my peeps online?
You bein’ rude at meetins
Interruptin’ the speaker,
Hoggin’ the time
Pretendin’ ya don’t know much
Just ta get attention on yourself?
Why you do that?

Now, ya comin’ after me?
Pretendin’ it’s funny
Ta write ’bout killin’ us
In one of your stories
You read out loud
That’s only funny to you?
Don’tcha know
You don’t do things like that?
Didn’t your momma teach you
No manners?
Don’tcha know that’s a threat?
Do ya just think you’re cool?
‘Cause you’re not.

Tryin’ ta intimidate me?
Honey, I’m not gonna ignore this
Like everyone else;
They don’t deserve you’re crap
You be dishin’ out,
And neither do I.
Mad ’cause ya don’t get your way?
You need help.
Just ’cause you feel inferior
Or insecure,
That ain’t no reason to bully,
Not now, not ever;
So bring it on, Bitch.

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