BULLIED, by Sean

They tease and taunt you till your shaking with fear,
To the point where you’re terrified every time they come near.


You cower in a corner and try to stay out of sight,
They say you’re useless and convince you they’re right.

And you believe what they say because no one says otherwise,
So your ego, self-esteem and personality wither and dies.

They destroy and ridicule the things you do and say,
And seem to find amusement in treating you this way.

To escape the pain you retreat into your mind,
A better reality and existence is what you hope to find.

But that is not the way to make it through this ordeal,
As it only brings temporary relief to the pain you feel.

And though I have been there, answers I have none,
For I’m still recovering from the harm that was done.

One thought on “BULLIED, by Sean

  1. Sean,I hesitated when I came to “withers and dies” and then when I read “I'm still recovering” I went back and thought about it again. Finally I thought “withers and dries” not dies because you are still here to tell us that you are back from “I have been there.” It's quite easy to find answers and often they are not the best answers. The important thing is find the right questions. You have recognized this.Thanks for a very good poem.

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