Your words of hate
I cannot abate.
I’d turn them into frogs.
No more would your cogs
Peck out the soul
Like a stocking with a lump of coal.
No more would your words
Curl like curds.
No more would you hurt me
because frogs is all I would see.
Laughter would rip from my sides
to see all your evil as it hides
in the form of frogs.
~Bullies and Frogs, by Rita L. S


2 thoughts on “BULLIES AND FROGS, by Rita L. S”

  1. Rita,I like that line “No more WOULD you hurt me” because using “would” indicates that you have chosen what to see and what to ignore.Kiss the truth and turnhateful words into frog formsskin seen, voice unheard.I love your line “Laughter would rip from my sides.” It is a dramatic visualization.

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