BULLIED, by Amber G

~Bullied, by Amber G
“I did this work as a project for school to bring awareness to bullying and how bad it hurts to be bullied by people. I was bullied as a child and was hurt both physically and mentally, and the bulling was not just at school but at home too. I was abused by my mom’s boyfriend. So as a child I stayed to myself and did not really talk to anyone. I had only a few friends but they were the best friends I have ever known and one of them tried to commit suicide on the phone with me one day and that heavily affected me, but I stayed on the phone with her and I got her help and she got better. I always took the policy that you should treat others the ways you want to be treated and so I try my hardest to help others and make them feel as comfortable as possible. If I see someone crying or need something to drink or eat I give it to them even if I can’t afford it. I try my hardest to take care of others. I wanted to submit this in the hope that people will learn that the world would be a lot better place if we learn to give and share with everyone. We are all human and all the same. Just because we are different looking does not mean anything cause we are all created by god and no matter what we are the same. We hurt when we get cut, we cry when we are sad or worried, we eat when we are hungry, we laugh when we feel good, and we sleep when we are tired. We are all the same.”

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