THE BULLY, by Cathryn S

An evil smile ensued as he saw the small girl come through the school gate.
She looked up and saw him, took an anxious breath and tried to scurry off in the other direction. She hoped her tiny legs would carry her quick enough.
The bully was too fast, his hailstorm of abuse imminent.
“Eeewwww, wearing the same dress again are we? Is that the only one you have? You must be the poorest kid in this whole school!”
He started flicking the freckles on her face.
“Looks like the flies shit on you too!”
Her face stinging and hanging downward she didn’t notice the Hurricane coming up from behind him, neither did the bully.
In a hastened blur of arms and punches, the bully lay on the ground defeated and bleeding.
The girl’s brother slipped his swollen hand in hers and safely walked her to her classroom.

1 thought on “THE BULLY, by Cathryn S”

  1. Cathryn,What a wonderful way of describing what is potentially very destructive and terrifying, “hailstorm of abuse imminent,” as one never knows how bad it will be “this” time. Also very powerful is describing deliverance as “the Hurricane coming up from behind him.”Thanks for striving to help those who need help.

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