CREATIVE SPIRIT, by Sean Michael M

You don’t see it, do you?
You can’t help yourself, compelled to create.
When you are down you lift yourself with a song.
Unable to resist the temptation of a keyboard
you sing until your voice gives out.
A friend asks a question and you respond in haiku.
You fear you lack the talent, but you paint anyway.
To celebrate a happy moment you’ll break into a dance.
Your friends stand around you, mouths agape,
and stare in shock that so much creativity
could be wrapped into one small package.
Creativity is the most human trait of all
and yet you fear that it might be a deformity.
You look in the solemn mirror everyday
and contemplate how to accept yourself,
but rejection is just a breath away.
Your heart is shackled by the iron of your own forge.
How long can you continue imprisoned in repression?
                                      Expression! Expression! Expression!
Let it out, sing a song, paint a canvas,
write a poem, dance in the rhythm, talk in haiku!
Dream big, worry little.
That is you in the song, poem, painting.
That is you in the dance and the rhythm.
Words, notes, colors, beats, steps;
all you!
Freedom is found in the simple infinity of expression.
Every piece of expression
is an act of creation.
                                      Creation! Creation! Creation!
Look at all the creation around you;
the rocks, the trees, the sky, the stars,
the moon, the sun, the sea, and all life between.
Now look in the mirror.
Look past the physical and see what is there.
The endlessly multiplying, miraculous evolution
of ever more complicated worlds
reaches out from the center of your soul.
                                      Soul! Soul! Soul!
Embrace who you are,
creative spirit.
You are a gift of priceless value.
~Creative Spirit, by Sean Michael M

“This is a poem dedicated to all creative souls that feel or have felt inadequate in their creativity.”

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