WILL I EVER BE FREE? by My Lundqvist

~Will I Ever Be Free? by My Lundqvist
“This picture is supposed to symbolize how lonely I’ve been feeling for 9 whole years. I’ve been bullied all those years and never had anyone next to me that could help me stand up again, but even though my world has lost its colors and even though I feel hated and left out, I could never do anything else than to sit in my colorless room all alone, hoping that when my hand reaches the cold window maybe someone would take my hand instead and give back those colors I’ve lost such a long time back. Thanks to all that has happened, I barely remember friends for the fact that I’ve skipped school so much but as the time floats by I’m slowly bringing myself up on my feet again to give everyone a new chance, to try to see the colors again and maybe one day not feel so lonely. What I want to say to people who read this is don’t give up. It may be hard in the beginning but in the end it was all worth that fight, to see the world from a new angle and be able to help others with the same problems. Some of us have an experience, a story we could tell, that could save someone’s life.”

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