~Ghost of You, by Kate
“I produced this piece of artwork in loving memory of a dear friend of mine who died due to bullying. He was a much loved, mischievous & inspirational fellow, & we would have the most amazing chats about artwork, our dreams, mythology & in particular our belief in the spirit world. We both promised to go to University together to become an arts-collab extraordinaire, but sadly this day never came as school bullies took his life. However, I have never forgotten my friend, & decades later, although I never made it to University, fueled on by his memory & the promise we made to each other to create a fairytale arts world, I studied at home & eventually created the small arts company I run today. I hope I made him proud..
The piece I submit is called ‘Ghost of You’ & is created in loving memory of the soul of my friend & the talks we had. Inspired by a conversation about the thin veil we believed ran between this world & the spirit world….everyone is precious, let’s take a stand & keep each other safe!”

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