BULLY’S NIGHTMARE, by nottisweettoothi

~Bully’s Nightmare, by nottisweettoothi
“Bully’s Nightmare” is one of many projects in my web comic list. This project has the theme of bullying, but I present it in the frame of a psycho thriller. The story is about a main character who is bullied in school. He comes from a necromancy family, but he doesn’t believe in the supernatural that much. One day, his grandmother gives him three “voodoo dolls” as the protection from bullying. However, he is still bullied, and those dolls are destroyed. This makes him lose more faith in the supernatural. At night each of three bullies are followed by a weird looking child in student uniform. Each of them is tortured by a “beneath hell” level of nightmare. The punishment does not really happen; it just affects their mind that is similar to hypnosis. In the morning, one of three bullies ends up in the hospital, another moves to another town, and the other one is too nervous to make eye contact with people. The main character seems to change his opinion about the supernatural.
This project intends to present bullying from another perspective. I would like to show that it’s true that those bullies can be anyone they want in the school. They can do anything without feeling guilty. But outside the school, they cannot escape from their own actions. As I’m a buddhist, I believe in Karma. And I have seen many things that support my belief. Sometimes, the “punishers” do not have to be human. People who bullied me could not have success in life. They couldn’t continue their school. Some were harshly discriminated against when they were in university. Some never got good jobs. You know, when you screw someone’s life, you deserve the same treatment. I can see their pain and I don’t have to bathe my hands in blood.
It’s true that bullies always pick someone who seems to be harmless, shy, quiet, or weak. In my case, in high school I was bullied because I was overweight and I loved art; such a perfect “loser”, right? I thought about committing suicide many times in high school, because that experience made me feel like I was worthless. I truly believed that my life was such a waste of space, since no one really liked me. No one wanted to be my true friends; they just wanted to use me and to make fun of me. Sometimes adults just didn’t understand what I said. They thought I was too sensitive and emotional. That was because those adults lived in the world that normalized bullying and legitimated might over moral. 
I’m glad I didn’t kill myself. Because as I grew up I have learned many things from that experience. I was “burnt alive” by those bullies, but now I reincarnated from the ash. I became the better version of myself, and even better than those people who destroyed my life in high school.
The past experience drove me to study in political science, and I mainly focused in social science and philosophy. I’ve learned that people who bullied me were fragile and they were not strong AT ALL. They were broken inside. They were victims of corrupted families and society; they were victims of themselves. That was why they wanted to make someone look weaker than them — to make them feel stronger and gain more confidence. Fortunately, I survived, and become another person here to support you to be strong and make it through these experiences.

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