THE KING AND THE QUEEN, by nottisweettoothi

~The King and the Queen, by nottisweettoothi
Body is like clothes.
We were not born naked…we all wear our body.
So many times, body cannot reflect the soul.
No one deserves to be hurt just because of one’s clothes.
Discrimination is like fashion.
It places one type of clothes in superior position.
It labels other types of clothes as “out” or “low.”
And sometimes, people are fashion victims.
Bullying/killing someone just because they are gay is as ridiculous as killing someone because they wear a t-shirt.

1 thought on “THE KING AND THE QUEEN, by nottisweettoothi”

  1. What a profound statement. I had never thought of this concept. I am sure it will be in my mind one day when I am writing a new poem of my own, a poem which might be more technically complicated but which cannot be more effective.

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