~Words Can Kill, by Emma C
I sit here alone in this tent,
Alone beneath that spotlight above me.
Your words sting like the crack of the whip,
I am forced to conform to your reality.


I stand up and face the crowd
their laughter echoing around me loud,
the tears run down my cheek… but still you laugh.
Laugh because it’s fun for you to break me down.

You put up posters of me,
containing lies of publicity,
hoping others will come to see the show.
You’re yelling and beating, constantly repeating
things I try to hide…
but somehow you know.

You lock me in your fun house.
Surround me with your mirrors.
They distort the truth
promote the lies
beat the drum

You call me fat, you call me names.
If something is wrong, somehow I’m to blame.
My face too small, my nose too big,
push me down
insult me
I can’t fight back.
Somehow that makes you feel large.
In charge.

My feelings don’t matter as long as you get the thrill.
Don’t you realize by now the jokes are overkill?
I’m just like you on the inside.

Struggling for air, to be accepted, free.
But outside, I am different.
I can’t be like you.
So you pretend not to see me.

But today, I’m breaking out.
Breaking the mirror, shatter the glass.
I am not that girl from your past.
Your tent is coming down, ‘cuz guess what? I’m NOBODY’S clown.
Without the jokes, YOU are alone.
I am bigger, your words don’t affect me.
I am the ringmaster, I’m in control.
I look down at you, cruel words on my tongue…

But I don’t speak.
Because I’ve been there. I know how it feels.
To be mocked, hurt, out there on movie screen reels.
So I smile…
Hold out my hand.
You take my grasp.
I call you “friend.”

So stop spreading the rumors,
secrets, lies, hate, sleaze.
Nobody’s perfect.
So why try to be?


~Circus, by Emma C
“A poem I wrote about a hard time in my life when it felt like everything always came down on me. I was everybody’s toy, and people could say anything they wanted about me as if I wasn’t there, because it affected me and I didn’t fight.


“This is about me coming out of that, and becoming the bold person I am now. The strong, durable me that is not afraid of what people think, the me that I am proud of.

“With this poem, I hope to inspire. I hope that someone will read this and realize that they don’t have to be afraid. They don’t have to bend down to society, they can be their own person. All it takes is the willpower to make a change and accept yourself for who you are. And maybe you’re the kind of person who beats on others to make yourself feel big. I hope by reading this you’ll realize that people are human beings, and they are not there to make you feel better about yourself. If you keep going down this road, eventually the role will be reversed, and life for you is going to SUCK. But hopefully, for you, there is someone like me in your life, who can forgive.

“Think about it guys. It only takes one.”


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