I dare you to move,
To stand up and be accounted for,
Make a decision,
Say a few loving words,
Show the world how you care,
Create a new politically correct,
One that is morally correct,
Don’t segregate on colour,
When we tan to be darker,
Don’t label it as “gay marriage”,
When it’s just about love,
Don’t hate based on appearance,
A fat girl is as beautiful as the next,
Don’t bully because they are different,
Who says that you are “it”,

I dare you to move,
Open you heart to a society,
Where everyone has a quirk,
Something wacky and weird,
Show the world who you are,
An individual to love,
The colour of your skin,
Doesn’t make you an eye sore,
Loving the same sex,
Doesn’t make you a disease,
Being bigger then in a magazine,
Doesn’t make you less beautiful,

So I dare you society,
Take a step a forward,
Stop being so stereotypical,
Stop hating who aren’t like you,
Stop isolating people,
Stop bullying kids, teenagers,
Stop making people feel worthless,
Step up and be accounted for,
Because every picture, word, action,
Is the reason why,
Another teenage child,
Took their life away,
In the shadows of last night,
I dare you to love.
~I Dare Society to Move, by Emma F
“I wrote this piece along with most of my other pieces because I was bullied. I’ve been bullied on and off for almost 13 years. I use my writing as an avenue of escape, a means to speak how I feel honestly without any fall back. This piece in particular I wrote because I was angry, lost and simply hurting. I am sick of feeling worthless because someone said I am not good enough. I am sick of isolating myself from family and friends because I am embarrassed of the person I am. I came up with this piece of writing because on one of my lowest days I realised that it is society as a whole that has caused me to be treated this way. I was sick of society stereotyping who I should be and look like and who I should love. I think it is about time that people be accepted for who they are no matter what size, sex, race, sexual orientation etc… they are. Hence, I created this as an eye opener to those who don’t agree. I also accompanied the next paragraph with the piece as a bit more of an explanation.

“Over the decades people have been isolated, segregated for being different to the norm. Yet who defines the norm? In the 60’s people were hated for being black and society has come to learn that it is politically incorrect to hate based on race. Yet it still happens. People have been hated for being gay because everyone was afraid that you would get aids from having a gay friend. Science has now taught us that, that is a stupid way of thinking. Yet thinks are still labeled as gay marriage, gay bars, gay love. Why does that gay need to be added when marriage is about love? Today people are hated because they are fat, obese, ugly, a size 12 and up. Today people are bullied because they aren’t like the girls in magazines. Society tells us to love everyone for who they are because that’ s how eating disorders start. People don’t understand ED’s they think that they are a choice. Yes they may be a choice at first but they quickly turn into a way you have to live because those who don’t understand choose to single you out as not worthy of love. So I dare all of you to stop and think before you make fun of someone. Because those words could cause someone to stop eating, get surgery, or worse take their own life.

“I guess at the end of the day I just want to tell people that it is ok to be different, some days it will hurt more then others, but you just gotta get through those days because after high school people truly don’t care how you look. You get jobs based on your morals and knowledge, not based one whether you fit into a size 10 jeans. And an eating disorder or self harm may feel like a quick solution, but you are merely giving in and hurting yourself more. You’re letting them win. So until society decides to step-up, be who you are and do it on purpose.”

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