I’ve been bullied ever since 2nd grade, and I still am. Throughout this long experience, I’ve learned that it’s best to ignore bullies, then they will get bored of picking on you. I remember that in 4th grade I would walk home from school crying, everyday. By the time I got to 6th grade, kids finally started adjusting to me, and I am still friends with people I knew last year, even though I moved over the summer. At this school, it was hard for me to make kids to adjust to me, because I did it in one year, and some kids still tease me, and one kid has physically picked on me a few times because she was mad at me. I try to forgive her, but if she goes too far, I assure you, I’ll go wild. I know that I don’t have it as bad as some kids, but it still hurts me. I’ve been bullied in three ways- emotionally, physically, and being embarrassed. But I know that in a few years that I will forget this all, and I think that and my dream to become a writer is what is keeping my chin up in the air.


Here are some of my poems and writings I’ve written during my time of being bullied . . . Enjoy!


Help Me


I stumble up to my feet quickly,
knowing that they’ll catch me soon.

Run run, pant pant,
Please just lock me in a room.

I look over my shoulder, and fall,
on the ground she looks tall.

Help me!
I cry silently.

She won’t stop.
She keeps hitting.

Finally, she’s done.
And I try to run,

But I ache everywhere,
yet nobody cares.

I wonder whether or not if someday we’d friends like I wanted,
or if it’d always be like this for eternity…




Maybe I’m a crybaby,
but that doesn’t mean I’m weak.

Maybe I can get butt hurt too easily,
but that doesn’t mean I can’t stand for myself.

Maybe I’m too suicidal,
but that doesn’t mean life sucks.

Maybe I can’t take a joke,
but that doesn’t mean I can’t make them.

Maybe I’m a bitch,
but that doesn’t mean I’m a bully,

In fact,
Maybe I’m the one bullied.

But this maybe,
is true.

–Beaten At Last–

I used to stand up to you,
but I can never rise above.

I use to at least try and smile,
but what’s the point?

Every single day,
I’m scared and hurt.

And both emotionally,
and Physically
at the same time.

I can’t stand this much longer.
I might as well give up now.

Since you’ve already beaten me,
inside and out.

I dunno why I haven’t told an adult.
I guess I’m scared you’ll find out.

Weren’t you once my friend?
So why did you start beating me up?

When and why did it start?
Why can’t I be the person I use to be?

When did that disappear?

Probably recently,
when you beat me to the ground.

Are you proud?
Because you’ve beaten me at last.

I’ll speak through experience . . . never give up or show your signs of weakness. I’ve learned this the hard way. These poems show you how bullying has affected me personally, it has rubbed off in my personality, because I’m always saying “I’m sorry” over everything, and I’m always scared over everything. But one great thing bullying has done for me is make me tough, I hardly ever cry in front of people, let alone my friends and family. I hope that you’ll never be hurt by another person, and if you ever were or still are, then keep your chin held up high and have faith in yourself . . . because someday you will be better than those bullies. ~Golden-R


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