YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE, by GothicAquaKitty

You are who you are,
No matter what anyone says.
We’re all unique


You are who you are,
Even when you come out of the closet,
Your personality doesn’t change

Like if a book’s title changes,
The content and personality of the story
Never changes

Don’t care what others think,
If you’re happy,
That’s all that matters

~You Are Who You Are, by GothicAquaKitty
“I got inspired by Day of Silence at my college on this Friday. It is an event to remember all the people that have been silenced due to oppression. It’s for all types of bullying. We should stop bullying


“Most people think that when people come out of the closet that they change, but the only thing that changes is the title of their sexuality. My friend said that when he was little that he didn’t know what to think about gay people, and it was understandable since most were raised to think that only straights were good and nothing else. Well he told me about when he was young that when one of his friends came out of the closet, he noticed that nothing changed about their personality. And I believe that too, since I’m bi and some of my closest friends are gay.

“OH and if you are a bystander doing nothing, you are just as bad as the bully, go and tell someone to stop the bullying!”

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