ANTI-BULLYING, by Lunarstream

You’re just like me,
And I’m just like you.
But I’m afraid that there’s nothing I can do.
When I walk down the hallways and see you crying,
I feel like it’s my fault.
I know you’re dying inside, but I don’t do anything.
My friends think it’s funny,
But I know that it hurts.
Because I use to be just like you.
I was the school fool,
The one they went to and picked on just for fun.
I know it hurts, and I know you feel like you don’t belong,
But listen here,
You deserve to be here, just as much as they do.
I know how you feel,
I know how you hurt,
And I know you feel powerless.
When I see you in class,
Giving a “plastic smile”,
Acting like nothing’s wrong,
I know what’s really going on.
You’re hiding your pain as best as you can.
I feel like I’m guilty of your pain.
I can’t help but pity you,
I can’t help but feel sorry for you.
I know that people think it’s funny,
How they say “Oh I was just kidding.”
They don’t mean it.
You cry to your family,
But they don’t help at all.
All they say it,
“Sticks and stones may brake you’re bones,
But words will never hurt you.”
But they’re wrong.
Sticks and Stones may brake you’re bones,
And words will always scar you.
When I see you at school,
I see my friends, treating you like a fool.
Bye, bye, Firefly.
Flying high in the sky.
You’re pride burns out,
Just like a firefly’s light,
When night turns to day.
So bye, bye, little Firefly_____.
Pain, pain, all that you can take.
I know that you’re smile is fake, fake, fa______ke!
Turn that frown, upside down.
I’m like you,
Believe it or not.
Cause when I was in school, I was in you’re spot!
Picked on, teased, made fun of every day!
And believe it from me,
It was nothin’ but a pai_____n!
When I see you at school,
When I see you treated like a foo____l,
Believe it from me, I want to help,
Oh____, so_____ ba____d!
But I didn’t. But that’s about to change!
The next time I see you,
In the ha______ll,
At the ma______ll,
Anywhere, anytime, if I see you being bullied.
I’ll speak up, I’ll make a difference, I’ll be you’re friend,
Eve if that means, I’m losen my other friends.
You need me, more than the others do.
Hopefully they’ll see the better side of you.
So they will stop treating you like a foo_____l,
Even at schoo_____l.
(bridge ends)
Teachers at school, don’t know what’s going on…
Until someone speaks up.
But you don’t need a speck of luck.
Cause, when I see someone treating you like a foo_____l,
At schoo_____l,
I’ll speak up, I’ll be you’re friend.
You’re just like me,
And I’m like you.
We breathe and we feel.
It doesn’t matter, what you’re skin color is,
Even if it’s a different color than his,
It doesn’t matter.
Because we are all the sa_____me.
~Anti-Bullying, by Lunarstream

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