I Stand Alone
Against your chains and your whips
But I still stand proud
Despite the smile on your lips

There’s love and there’s hope
There’s hate and there’s hurt
But none of those excuse
Why you push me in the dirt

Tell me what made you mad
Tell me what I’ve done wrong
I’ve only tried to make you happy
That you’ve known all along

You say that you hate me
You tell me I’m bad
Is that how it’s my fault
You’re always so mad?

As if it’s not bad enough
To kick me when I’m down
To add insult to injury
To have bruises not found

Don’t call me dumb
Don’t think I’m a fool
Because I know exactly
Why you break the rules

You’re hurt and you’re lost
But why can’t you see
You shouldn’t be taking
Your pain out on me

You cover my mouth
Whisper don’t tell a soul
But I won’t speak for you
You have too much control

I feel it’s not worth it
To live anymore
You glare down from above me
I stare up from the floor

I want so badly
For you to feel what it’s like
To retaliate just once
To put up a good fight

But you,
You are much stronger than I
You have power to make me hurt
You have power to make me cry

So I won’t retaliate
I won’t fight you back
Won’t continue the endless cycle
Of hate and hating back

I just curl up and take
Whatever may come
If only you could see
The monster you’ve become

I’ll brave through the blows
And I’ll fight through the pain
I’ll feel the ugly wrath
Of the anger you contain

But what do you gain?

So I still stand alone
But that’s just how it goes
You can’t hurt me now
My pain never shows

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