ANTI-BULLY, by Jenna L’Heureux

~Anti-Bully, by Jenna L’Heureux
“My brother was/is bullied because of his size and how he acts. We’ve tried everything we can to try and stop it. It’s died down a lot, but it still affected him. It’s horrible that the other kids would just watch. None of them would try to stop it or tell a teacher. He would come home with bruises, cuts, and an unrealistic image of himself that is almost unchangeable. I want to raise awareness simply because I don’t want it to happen to people. No one deserves that kind of pain. In a perfect world, bullying doesn’t exist. But this world isn’t perfect, so we have to do what we can to stop or help prevent bullying. I can’t do much. The most I can do is raise awareness. If that’s all you can do, Do It. It won’t hurt and it might just help someone. So speak up for someone who can’t or won’t speak up for themselves. The results will be beautiful.”

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