GUARDIAN ANGEL, by Musakcritiq

~Guardian Angel, by Musakcritiq
Take Action
Don’t let yourself fade away in the dark
Don’t wait for someone to save you
Turn your life around
Don’t let the monsters control you
You are your own Guardian Angel
Just don’t let them take away your wings.

That is what is written on the picture.

I’m saying if you’re being bullied, take control of your life and end it because if you don’t, no one will, you are your own guardian angel with wings built to fly, not to be torn off by monsters (bullies).
I made this for a school project. In elementary school I was pretty much bullied for 5-6 years, people had thrown rocks at me and made fun of my name for being ‘different’, this ended when I entered high school, but some of the bullies continued it on until I finally got the guts to end it. No one will end it for you if you don’t try to first. Be strong. Fight. Don’t give up.

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