WORDS HURT, by Nonki K

~Words Hurt, by Nonki N

People are mean. They call people names and say horrible things. Sometimes they might not mean it to hurt, but sometimes it does. Be careful what you say please it might end up you push the person too far.

I understand if its joking with your friends my friends and I do that all the time, but if you don’t know the person… you should watch what you say.

By random people that don’t even know me called me stupid, cry baby, a freak, a pot head, homeless, emo (the last two confused me ._.) and some other things I cant remember U^_^ but that was awhile ago, some of those words hurt others made me laugh cause I didn’t understand why the hell the called me that…

Anyway enough of this… ya… dont know what else to say…
._. stop bullying? ya that would be nice

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