IF YOU KNEW ME, by Stacey M

If you knew me,
you wouldn’t make fun of me.
If you knew me,
you would love me.
If you knew me,
you’d know I’m not alright.
You would know that,
though I cant protect myself,
I would die to protect others,
you would know that my biggest dream,
is to be a mother,
you be the ultimate protector.
If you knew me,
well then…
you would know me.
~If You Knew Me, by Stacey M
“i was asked to do a piece of work for my creative writing class on something very meaningful to me, and i have always been sort of shunned by most people, and outwardly hated by some, i had only very few people who would even talk to me, i was that shy quiet depressed girl who always sat in the corner from second grade until my freshman year of high school, therefore, i wrote about how if people would actually stop and just talk to me, they would know that i wasn’t just this little emo girl who was meant to be shunned all of her life.”

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