FAT, by Kaitlyn

I look at my reflection
And grimace at what I see
A disgusting fat girl
Is staring back at me


I see curves which are too big
And thighs that stretch too wide
I see an ugly face
That make-up can not hide

I see something, not someone
That is shaped as a pear
Glossy, gross skin
That is way too fair

I look away quickly
Tears stinging my eyes
I can`t even stand to look
At what in front of me; lys

I don’t want to be “Big Boned”
I want to be skinny and tight
No jiggling edges
That make me cry at night

I hate when people lie
Oh, sweetheart you aren’t fat!
It aggravates me to no end
That they keep spewing this crap.

How is ignoring the truth
Better for me in anyway
Do you deal with what I do?
The constant teasing everyday?

You can never be in my position
Never step into my shoes
So how can you fix something
That has never affected you?

~Fat, by Kaitlyn

The message of this poem might seem rather obvious; it is about a girl who doesn’t like her body much at all. She always hears the whispers as she walks by a crowd; the side-comments or looks of disgust. She can’t help but, start to notice the comments in her own reflection. So, every night she stands in front of the mirror and sees what needs to be fixed. She can’t see anymore what is perfect the way it is. In her eyes, she sees as those who hate her. She has to keep improving, torturing her body so one day, they might not say those nasty things she hears. However, the day she loves herself truly will never come if she doesn’t see how blind she really is. Her whole life is clouded by the decisions and opinions of others when the only thing she should be paying attention to is her mind. It shouldn’t be tainted on other people’s biased opinions. Bullying is like standing up against a vicious dog. If you cower in fear and run, it will attack. If you stand your ground and don’t let your emotions show, it won’t charge. This girl has a twisted, tainted version of how to make the comments stop when, all she has to do is ignore their stupid lies. This girl is beautiful and no one, not any single person, has the right to strip that away from her.”

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