ALIVE, by Laura T

After everything, I’m still breathing.
Your lies, your hate.
The pain, the scars.
Here I am.


After everything, I still smile.
You tried, you failed.
You hate, you loathe.
I’m still here.

After everything, it still hurts.
You laugh, you grin.
I cry, I scream.
I’m still alive.

I’ve been weak and on my knees
I’ve seen my blood flow.
But there’s one thing that’s kept me going.
I know; you’ll never take me alive.

~Alive, by Laura T
“I wrote this poem after seeing how so many people – including two of the people closest to me – have been bullied. I’ve been bullied but not as bad as they have. This poem is for all you people who haven’t given up, no matter what.”

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