~Bullied Clouds, by Natalie D
Me and Jack.
Who’s Jack?
My imaginary friend.
My only true friend.
The only one who wouldn’t choke me to death during a field trip to Lake Pearl.
The only one who wouldn’t call me an emo, a geek, a loser, or a creep.
The only one who wouldn’t stab me in the back, walk the opposite way, and tell his friends that I’m just a freak and a weirdo, kicking me while I’m down.
No one knows about us.
No one ever should until now.
We’re best friends because… we’ve gone through some pretty rough times.
I have strong empathy for him.
I’ve been bullied for the past 7 months.
People make fun of the way I style my hair, whenever I write on my arm with a pen; they even classify me as a weirdo after a simple first impression.
I’ve been dreaming of making an announcement to all of them, saying that I couldn’t take it anymore, and what I was going to do about it, but now that the year is over, I’ll have to wait another 3 months in order to do that.
Yes, I have plenty of friends, and I can name over 40 of them, but they’re all fake.
In fact, some of them are trying to force my deepest and darkest secrets out of me so they can spread them around the whole school.
I don’t want them anymore.
No one ever smiles back.
I can’t trust anyone anymore.
No one, except for Jack.
Jack and I are creeps.
We’re psychos.
We’re freaks.
We’re weirdos.
We’re geeks.
We’re not normal.
We’re not perfect.
We’re not human.
And we’re cool like that.
We’ll forever be
Evil Teenage Geniuses
And once we rule the world,
We’ll finally rid it of bullies.


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