Why can’t people see how much they hurt me?
Why can’t they just let me be, let me go?
I’m not important to anyone, I’m no one.
I used to be happy and full of life,
then I was kicked to ground, buried with awful words and laughter.
I’m crying, but no one cares, just more laughing and kicking deeper.
I can’t see the light anymore, it’s too dark and cold, i’m drowning.
I can’t feel the warmth of a hug or a smile, I’m being empty inside, an empty shell.
Even the sun doesn’t warm me up anymore, I’m falling, falling…
They don’t know what kind of pain I’m feeling, how it hurts me daily.
I try my best to act normal, but inside I’m dying.
If I really are that worthless, why am I still here?
Why do I keep on torturing myself..?
~The Result of Differency, by MayuChan
“I found this poem in my old notebook today. I wrote it a year ago. I’ve been bullied for 10 years, because I’m different and silent. 10 whole years without any real friends, no one to talk to, no one to love. I’m glad things are looking better now.”

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