SPEAK, by Branwen M

They think
They can beat us down,
Make us suffer,
Make life a misery.


They think
They can shut our mouths,
Force us to endure
And never speak.

We must tell them differently
Through the freedom of our speech.
We must keep, must not allow
Our voice to slip out of reach.

Our power is through words
Thought, written, spoken.
Our power is identity,
Something they cannot take away.

So do not let them bring you down.
Don’t let them keep you quiet.
Stand up, and stand your ground;
Peacefully, we’ll fight this.

It’s self that they cannot steal,
The soul that defines you.
Never allow anyone to take
Your own voice away from you.


~Speak, by Branwen M
“I wrote this for everyone who has been bullied, whether for sexuality, race, beliefs, gender identity/expression, disability or any other reason.  Don’t ever let them make you feel inferior, and always remember that they cannot take your voice and your identity from you.”

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