LABELED, by Elly

~Labeled, by Elly
Bullying is wrong. It really is. It can be verbal, sexual, mental, and cyber. Anyone can be bullied, and anyone can be a bully.


I know because I was on both sides, but I was mostly the one being bullied as a kid.

And it still goes on today. Most people don’t do it on purpose because they think it doesn’t harm the person, but it really does. And I’m talking about the verbal way.

So why do we label? Why can’t people be different? Why can’t I be a crybaby on my own? Why can’t I be selfish for a few times in my life since I constantly cared about other people’s lives throughout my own?

I think that we label because we don’t know any better. I admit, I have labeled a lot of people in my life and people have labeled me. So why can’t we stop it? Because it is part of human nature to judge and label people.

So what can we do about it? Filter our words. Think about what we say before we say it. Because you’ll never know: you might end up going to someone’s funeral or you may not see that person ever again. Or they will become someone you have never expected them to become.

The reason why I made this was because I have been labeled a lot lately. But I know that doing this made me feel a lot better. Meaning on my part, not to take so many words into consideration. They are just words.

But at the same time, people don’t know the extent of words.

So take the advice of this picture.”

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