If you could stop
Or smile at me
I’m just waiting here
For someone to notice me
Please notice me
Maybe then I could sleep at night
Maybe then I wouldn’t crave a knife
Maybe you could save me.
Give me a glance
A sidelong glance
I’m sitting here
Invisible it seems
Wanting someone to notice me
Anyone to notice me
Please, please notice me
How would it feel to be a hero
How would it be to save a life
How you could save me
Please, save me –
A smile will save my life.
~A Smile Can Save a Life, by Rena
“Someone came to my school to discuss the intensity of bullying a few years ago. They told a story about a girl who had committed suicide because of how lonely she was. Her parents were hardly ever home, she was an only child with no close friends and was severely bullied her whole life. They found in her journal a line that said, ‘If only someone had given me a smile.’ It’s interesting, I’ve never been bullied before, I’ve always considered myself a confident person, but I have a lot of friends that were/are bullied. It’s absolutely terrible, they’re some of the nicest people I’ll ever meet.”

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