EMOTIONS OF THE DARK, by Veronica Allyce C

You sit there and stare
Laugh and jeer
Not realizing the pain that you are creating here.
Your words are blades,
Slicing me apart
My confidence falls
Layers and layers of strength gone
You watch me struggle
You watch me survive
But all I feel from you is a wish for me to die.
So I stop and stare
You are a monster
A demon
Twisted up with jealousy
Feeding off my pain
Feeding off my misery
But this weak little girl will not be me
I will silence your words
I will shatter your knives
Because I will not die
In front of you
The bully in my eyes.
~Emotions of the Dark, by Veronica Allyce C
“The reason why I wrote this poem was because there was an event called a Poetry Slam at my high school, and it was just a sneak peek of the contest that would happen about a month later. One of my teachers asked me to read a poem at the beginning but I was insanely stage frightened, so I didn’t. Yet, when one of the poets stood up and told us that poetry should be emotion and something that we strongly felt, this idea came straight to my head. Or it was the fact that the girl who bullied me before was sitting not too far away from me. So in five minutes, I wrote this poem. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but hey, if these poets wanted to hear emotion, I was going to give them emotion. After they allowed a few volunteers to come up and read, I decided to do it myself. Right when I got up in front of everyone, I was terrified, but I did end up reading the poem. Even through my stumbled words I guess people could understand me because they were clapping, which surprised me for a few seconds after I got to my seat. 


‘After that, I came to a realization. Usually when people express this feeling, this pain, through things like art and writing, it is suppose to go away, right? Yet, I just felt like I was facing something that I had been trying to put off for so long. At that moment, I realized that there are bad people out there, and that any kind of bullying can continue. That’s what some of these teachers and students don’t realize! Bullying still exists no matter what age you are. I just feel like people try to ignore the problems, imagining that they will just disappear.
“But it’s not like that. It’s never like that. I just hope that with the You Will Rise project, people will realize that.”


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