~Whatever You Do.. Don’t Give In, by Sammie J
“The poor victim in the middle of the page is covering their ears to tune out the harmful things being said to them. Phrases and words like ‘You’re a freak.,’ ‘You’re useless,’ ‘Nobody really likes you,’ etc. surround them to represent some of what a bully can say. The victim is faceless, ageless, and without gender to represent that anyone, at any age, no matter who they are, can be a victim to the cruel words of a bully. The color scheme isn’t much for being just black and red, but in a way it shows the absence of a colorful world through those actions and words. Bullying is a cruel thing and no one should suffer. All I can say to the victims is don’t give in, the world needs them. They may not know it now, but there are strangers that are out there for them and they care deeply.”

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