~Bullied Boy, by Kris B
“I started sketching around and this came out, so as I was sketching I started creating this background story for this boy. I put myself in it although I never did artistic gymnastics. As I did when I was a kid, this boy suffers bullying just for being different. Gladly, that built my character and even better, evolved to my main talent: creativity. I used to be so bullied from city to city I moved in my childhood that I forced myself to stay in my bedroom drawing for hours. I did have friends, yes, but the thing I loved the most was to stay locked in my bedroom creating these worlds and character only I could create, the way I wanted, where no bullying was allowed. As a life philosophy, I think nothing is out of purpose. Today people admire my work and I learned how to deal with bullying, that sadly even some adults tend to do. It is alright, though, that´s just a sign of poor self-esteem. When you´re confident and happy about what you are, there´s no need to tear people down. It’s the opposite, you easily find something about people to praise and admire.”

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