HOLD ON, by Dana B

Hold on tight
And keep holding.
I’ve got your hand
All the way through.
Their words cut like knives
But you’re better than that.
You can survive
Endure the pain
Find the strength
And hold on to it.
~Hold On, by Dana B
“This is a piece that I originally wrote for my friends and girlfriend, who are bullied and harassed frequently. But I realized that this goes out to anyone. Life is f***ing hard, but you can live through it. There are horrible people out there, saying and doing horrible things. But there are also people out there who can help, and patch those wounds. I say ‘find the strength,’ and that can mean anything. If your strength is your significant other, than remember them, keep them in your heart at all times, and when sh*t gets hard, just remember them. Your strength may be a hobby. It could be anything, it doesn’t matter. Just find that strength, that thing that eases the pain, and hold on to it. <3”

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