I’M NOT EMO, by Noah Jay A

I’m not.


Why do you all have to continue to put shameless labels on me?

Is it because of the way I dress?

The way I act?

The fact that I used to cut?

The fact that I cry, that I get angry, that I hide away?

That doesn’t make me emo, that makes me human. I have feelings, I love, hate, cry, and laugh, like the rest of you. Maybe the “monster” you claim me to be is you- all of you. You shoot down the weak without remorse, without regards to others feelings because you have none yourself. You just don’t care about others.

And for that, those people don’t care for themselves. They continue to lose hope in an endless downward spiral until…


They’re gone.

Like I should have been.

So how does it feel, knowing you may be the reason for a child or teen’s death? The blood is on your hands.

Think about that before you go beating someone, before you write abhorrent things on their blogs and profiles, before you go spreading rumors, before you call them names, before you ruin their lives, before you ruin yourself.

After all that, all that heart ache to someone who doesn’t deserve it, is it worth the “satisfaction” at the end of the day, knowing you may have just taken someone’s life to make yourself feel better?

Let me ask-

How does that make you feel?


~I’m Not Emo, by Noah Jay A
“I was upset. I’m tired of people constantly putting labels on me and others- emo, scene, goth, etc. I’m tired of seeing things like bullying/cyber bullying happening to people and seeing in the news the next day that some kid killed themselves. I tried to kill myself over something like this, and I feel a little lucky to be alive today, but I’m bothered that some feel the need to take this route as well, and some weren’t as lucky as me. People don’t deserve to be bullied, and it needs to stop, now.”

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