~Forgotten, by A.J.
I realized something recently, and it hurts
I’m a nobody friend
People come to me if they’re hurt or want to be out of the public eye
I be friends with them until they get tired of me or miss being popular
They leave, I’m hurt
But no matter how bad they hurt me or what they call me, they know they can always come back and I’ll welcome them with open arms because without them I’ve got no one


Being alone is better than having friends who treat me like dirt
Or at least, that’s how I feel

1 thought on “FORGOTTEN, by A.J.”

  1. I can really relate to this, this has happened to me a lot but I don't put up with it anymore, I suggest you do the same, there will always be real friends out there somewhere you just have to find them and until then hang in there.

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