They teased him for
what they thought.
Only afraid to meet
the person who he really was.


His heart screamed
to stop.
But his mouth wasn’t
strong enough to talk.

He was confused
by the talk.
Couldn’t find
him anymore.

His brain washed out
of positive thinking.
He began hating himzelf,
the he of their minds.

It was like he
was hypnotised.
He heard it being said,
when they said 3 he should let go.

As silent as early morning snow
he released his grip on life.
Only to be caught in the warm arms
of a sweet voice saying ‘you’re not alone’.

He cried their thoughts out.
Thinking he could fight.

He went back into their minds
as the boy who was respected by many.
The he had changed
into the real him.

He was finally known as the he of life.


~The He of their Minds, by Rozelotte S
“I didn’t really think about this poem, it just came up while I was working. I watched dr. Phil the other day and that was about bullying. I really felt bad for those kids, since there are kids who just kill themselves because they can’t live like that anymore. When I was young, I was always bullied. I never had any friends, even though I tried so hard. But someway I remained strong and never gave up hope. I had faith that it was going to be okay in the end. And so it was. What I meant to say I guess is that nobody should ever give up on life or whatever, because when you believe, have faith and remain strong, it will always turn out alright. Like so many people have said before; It’s always gonna be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

2 thoughts on “THE HE OF THEIR MINDS, by Rozelotte S”

  1. An intense poem, on being bullied and letting go of life.For me, those words go out NOT first and foremost to bully victims, encouraging them to cling to their lives. We don't really need to tell them that – they do so, anyway, because that's just human.No – the call goes out to THOSE WHO BULLY … to make them stop.And it goes out to THOSE WHO WATCH … to make them HELP!(… before it's too late …)

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