FALLEN ANGEL, by PeaceableBird

Do you know why i’m here?
Great.. Could you tell me.
Do you know why I fell and survived..
I thought it was because I wasn’t weak.
But I am.
I’m massively ‘tad bit’ weak.


Do you know why I survived the fall..

I thought I survived because I had gracious few.
Wanna hear a story..
I guarantee you’ll like.


Once upon a time, a young angel fell off somesort of bridge.

It is known to mankind she survived for some unknown reason..
Though, she never showed up again.
The village people searched for her a total of two entire decades..
The fallen angel hadn’t been found.
Do ya know why i’m here?


.. The angel is me.

I never returned to my village because i’m not weak anymore.
You can not hurt me no longer.
Nor could your village people..
My former mankind people say the fallen are the most dangerous.
Be home and safe rather than alive and down.
But I survived and am known as gracious few.


Do you know why i’m here?
The village people searched for me approximately two decades..
I’m a fallen angel that survived.
Fallen angel in hell.. I am.
Or not.

Stare at me please.
Do you know why i’m here?

~Fallen Angel, by PeaceableBird
“Everyone seems to be confused with life at some random period point. Right. Well, do you know what those who get bullied feel? They feel alone, freaked, isolated, quite depressed and sometimes this forces those specific people to fall. Some pal or family member could try to raise their spirit but once the bullies knock you down, you’re too weak to get back up because they may knock you back down. And if you decide to stay down maybe they will no longer hurt you. Maybe.”

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