OUT OF PLACE, by Lolomus

~Out of Place, by Lolomus
“I drew this when I was at a party. As you can see I felt really out of place. I tried to make the feeling into a characteristic style, and I ended up with this way. There’s a lot of points I made to come out, like the fact that the four who are ‘ganging’ up on the different one look almost identical. Long hair in the same way and VERY slim (unnaturally slim I would say, but that’s also a part of the style) and I made the two you can see half of have this very evil smile, but it’s not something you really can see. The meaning of this piece was to show how you can be out of place in a direct way. I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity to look different to feel out of place. The way people treat you can also make the feeling pop up. I’m sure there are a lot of people who had this feeling. Because we’re all humans and out of all those millions of people we’re not alone about things we feel.”

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