LOST MYSELF, by Ciara C.

~Lost Myself, by Ciara C.
This year i have been bullied incredibly. One girl got suspended for a week for trying to pass me a threatening note in class, and to make it worse her mom wanted try try to get revenge. she uncovered notes i was passing many months later. i almost got detention but narrowly escaped with just a warning. as the school year came to a close, a boy, whom i thought to be my friend teased me about my weight and other boys began to tease me about other stuff. during the summer some of my “friends” from camp and i decided to have a reunion. at the reunion, three of them asked me out, but finding it suspicious, i told them i would get back to them on it. later that weekend i was talking to the first boy that asked me out. he told me that he had no interest in me at all and only did it on a dare. i then felt like i wasn’t good enough for someone like him and started to become depressed. a few weeks later i ran into another “friend” whom i’ve known since preschool at a popular strip mall in my town, she obviously saw me, but completely ignored me. i used to consider her as one of my closest friends. my siblings, especially my sister torment me furthermore, never giving me a sanctuary from these hateful words and actions.
Songsperation: Jar Of Hearts By Christina Perri (in a nonromantic way)
honestly i think anyone who has been bullied can relate to this song. in case you havent heard it, it speaks of a person who has been hurt and scared emotionally (mainly) by someone who was once close to her and how she’s trying to become a stronger person and rises above the hate.

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