FACE VALUE, by Kimberly C. S


I keep hearing of all these things I’ve done to you
Of how unfair I am to you
Of how you have suffered
So greatly
On my behalf.
And I
marvel at your creativity
Because I
Have never been what I wasn’t
And I
Never said what I didn’t mean
And I
expected that
What I said
And what I was
Would be taken at face value…
Just as I took
What you said
And what you were
At face value…
that was fair.
That was
what I knew.
I just didn’t realize
But I should have guessed
That you had more than one face…
You had taken my words from their simple, honest nest
You layered them with tar
And dirt
And mold
You covered me with confusion.
And I should have guessed
That you had more than one face…
The one that smiles at the world,
And the one that bites from the shadows…
But I believed in the value of your first face,
so why would I think that of you?
~Face Value, by Kimberly C. S
“This piece is part of my in-progress compilation of poetry, WORDCROWS & FRETWORK.  Thank you for letting me share it with you.”


1 thought on “FACE VALUE, by Kimberly C. S”

  1. Kimberly, this is so good. I have had a couple people in my life that made me feel this way. It's wonderful you can articulate the face of bullying so well. The coin has two sides. I pray it may help others to see this behavior, and give it it's proper credence in their personal lives.

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