OUTCAST, by Heather

~OutCast, by Heather
“Everyone else is dull, black and white, while the one girl is colorful and different.
They all avoid her, for others are afraid of people who aren’t the same.
People get scared if they don’t understand something special.
But we must stay strong. Ignore those other people out there.
do not take your own life.
For your life is more important than all those others out there.
You are a bright sunny star in that black space, so keep shining, for you are the only star where you live.
And there are other stars out there too. Even if it may seem like you are the only one, keep believing.
With every super-nova, there will be another planet or star, and of course there will always be another black hole.
Keep walking through that boring crowd, become that attention.
For all those hate letters and insults, deep deep inside, you know that they wish they could be you.”

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